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Camera Shot Sizes

Camera shot sizes by CG Training Consult, Spintex Ghana

Camera shot sizes are imperative for becoming a good photographer or videographer. This is because they help to achieve a certain effect or intimacy with anyone who takes a look at your picture or video


Let’s take a look at a few shot sizes in this post.

1. Extreme closeup shot

An extreme closeup shot is so close that only one specific detail, such as a person’s eyes or mouth, can be seen. When used appropriately, an ECU can be incredibly effective at adding drama to a scene. In extreme close-up shots, smaller objects get great detail and are the focal point and can really accentuate the emotions that the subject is experiencing.

extreme_close_up shot
extreme closeup shot







2. Closeup shot

The close-up camera shot fills your frame with a part of your subject. If your subject is a person, it is often their face and therefore, allows their reactions and emotions to dictate the scene. The subject becomes the prominent focus and helps the audience build a personal connection, without being distracted by background interferences.

close up shot

3. Medium Closeup shot

The medium close-up frames your subject from roughly the chest up. So it typically favors the face, but still keeps the subject somewhat distant.

Medium close up
Medium Closeup shot


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